DikmaCap GC Column DM-225, 30 m x 0.25 mm x 0.50μm, PN: 8423


• Cross-linked 50% cyanopropylmethyl / 50% phenylmethyl polysiloxane

• General purpose column of polar phase, for FAMEs, carbohydrates, sterols and flavor compounds

• Temperature range: 40 ºC to 240 ºC

• Similar to DB-225, HP-225

• Equivalent to USP G7, G19 phases

The stationary phase of DM-225 is less polar than that of WAX column containing polyethylene glycol, but can be used for many of the same applications.

In most cases, the cyanopropyl siloxane polymer is not fully compatible with a Carbowax deactivation layer. DM-225 polymer has solved this problem because of the unique polymer synthesis technology and proprietary siloxane deactivation technology, and provides a 20 ºC thermal stability advantage over other “225” columns.

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