DikmaCap GC Column DM-2330, 30 m x 0.32 mm x 0.20μm, PN: 8633


• 90% Biscyanopropyl / 10% phenylcyanopropyl polysiloxane

• General purpose highly polar phase for cis / trans FAMEs and dioxin isomers

• Temperature range: 0 ºC to 275 ºC

• Similar to SP-2330, SP-2331, SP-2380, etc.

• Equivalent to USP G8 and G48 phases

DM-2330 is one of the most polar capillary column stationary phases. This column offers high selectivity for cis / trans isomers with conjugated double bonds due to cyano groups on both sides of the polymer backbone.

In order to overcome the poor column efficiencies, high bleed and short column lifetime of highly polar columns, we have developed an advanced surface treatment technology that is compatible with the DM-2330 phase. Our improved polymer exhibits better column efficiency and lower bleed.

Since the stationary phase of DM-2330 is not bonded, it should not be solvent rinsed.

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