DikmaCap GC Column DM-5 Amine, 30 m x 0.32 mm x 1.00μm, PN: 7817

DM-5 Amine

• Bonded and cross-linked 5% diphenyl / 95% dimethyl polysiloxane

• Low polarity phase

• Specially designed for amines and other basic compounds

• Stable up to 315 ºC

• Solvent rinsable

• Similar to PTA-5

Typical GC methods for analysis of basic compounds require derivatization to avoid peak tailing. The DM-5 Amine column has a special tubing surface which is chemically altered to reduce tailing of basic compounds, thereby eliminating the need for column priming.

The DM-5 Amine column is ideal for analysis of basic compounds including alkylamines, diamines, triamines, ethanolamines, nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, neutral compounds, and adsorptive compounds with oxygen groups susceptible to hydrogen bonding, or even weakly acidic compounds such as phenols.

Every DM-5 Amine column is tested to ensure that it meets the requirements for analyzing amines with low ppm levels, and to ensure low bleed at maximum operating temperature.

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