DikmaCap GC Column DM-PLOT Q, 30 m x 0.53 mm x 20.00μm, PN: 8816


• Separation for gases and volatile organic compounds

• 100% Stationary phase bonded without particles loss

We have developed a unique polymer synthesis technology and coating process for the manufacture of porous polymer PLOT columns. The selectivity of stationary phase is similar to the phase of Porapak and HayeSep. The porous polymer PLOT column is not sensitive to water, so this column can be used for analysis of water-containing samples.

The polarity and selectivity of the stationary phase is changed by incorporating polar groups on PS / DVB. The non-polar phase of DMPLOT Q column is DVB. DM-PLOT S is the mid-polarity PLOT column with high 4-vinyl pyridine on DVB.

The stationary phase of DM-PLOT QS is porous divinylbenzene homopolymer, which has a polarity between DM-PLOT Q and DM-PLOT S due to intermediate polarity PLOT column incorporation of low 4-vinyl pyridine. This column is used for separation of ethane, ethylene and acetylene to baseline.

DM-PLOT U is a polar PLOT column incorporating divinylbenzene ethylene glycol / dimethylacrylate, and can be used for the analysis of polar and non-polar compounds.

All PLOT columns have wide application range. PLOT columns can analyze permanent gases below room temperature. Inorganic gases such as CO2, hydrocarbons and polar and non-polar solvents can be easily separated on PLOT columns.

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