DikmaCap GC Column DM-Volatile Amine, 60 m x 0.32 mm, PN: 8857

DM-Volatile Amine

• Special selectivity for baseline resolution of all volatile amines

• Excellent inertness assures sensitivity and accuracy for volatile amines such as free ammonia

• Highly robust phase allows repeated water injections, increases longer column lifetime

• Direct replacement for CP-Volamine, thick-film CP-Sil 8

The DM-Volatile Amine column was optimized for the separation of volatile amines even when the sample contains high precentages of water. The unique base deactivation creates an exceptionally inert surface for these sensitive compounds, resulting in highly symmetric peaks which allow low detection limits.

Both 30 m and 60 m columns are available to ensure the separation for most of amine samples. Due to the high temperature stability up to 290 ºC, it ensures elution of amines up to C16 and allows contaminations to be removed by “baking out” the column.

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DM-Volatile Amine



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