Pursuit UPS 1.9 HPLC Column, 30 x 2.0mm, 1.9µm, P/N: A8000030X020H

Beginning in drug discovery and drug metabolism, Pursuit columns are ideal for analyzing lead compounds and biological samples. The column’s performance is due to the unique combination of advanced bonding chemistry and ultra-high purity silica. These factors combine to provide rapid separations with excellent first time resolution and symmetrical peaks for polar compounds, whether at pH 1.5 or 10. Additionally, the need for ion pairing agents such as TFA is often eliminated, thus maximizing the performance of single and parallel multi-channel LC/MS systems. Culminating in QC, Pursuit is ideal for implementing dependable trouble-free analysis of raw materials and approved drugs. Rigorous control and validation of each step in the manufacturing process ensures column reproducibility. With Pursuit your laboratory can spend its energy on producing results. Special selectivities such as Pursuit PFP (for very polar compounds) and Pursuit PAH (environmental) give you the extra selectivities you need for your most challenging applications.

Pursuit UPS1.9
Pursuit UPS1.9 columns deliver sub-2 μm efficiencies when sensitivity, resolution, and throughput are critical. These columns excel under the high pressures and fast gradients demanded by today’s pharmaceutical industry, up to a pressure limit of 1000 bar.

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Pursuit UPS 1.9

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