WELCHEMAT Ultisil Polar RP HPLC Column, 250 x 4.6mm, 5.0µm, P/N: 00215-31043

Excellent with mobile phase of 100% water content, even better than AQ-C18
Different selectivity than that of AQ-C18
Excellent peak shape for acidic and basic compounds owing to the “shield” effect of polar linkage to silanol activity by forming hydrogen bonding
Retentive for polar compounds. Uracil, which can’t be retained on most reversed phase columns at 100% water, can be retained on this column, and eluted after 5-fluorocytosine and cytosine. Note that the analysis of purine, pyrimidine, small molecular acids, catecholamine and water soluble vitamins all requires mobile phase with high water content
Fast separation of similar samples on a column

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HPLC Column

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Ultisil Polar RP

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Polar RP



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اندازه ذرات


سایز منافذ


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L1, L60

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