XSelect CSH Phenyl-Hexyl HPLC Column, 30 x 4.6mm, 5.0µm, P/N: 186005396

XSelect HPLC Columns are designed for the method-development scientist who requires a diverse selection of sorbents to easily separate the most difficult analyte co-elutions.
XSelect Columns are:
■ Designed for selectivity, improving the separation of closely eluting peaks
■ Intended for isolation and purification, loading the highest analyte mass of any columns
■ Ideal for rapid method development, reducing the time and cost spent developing methods
The base particle, or substrate, critically influences analyte selectivity; the bonded ligand influences selectivity to a lesser extent. Neither the substrate nor the ligand alone provides dramatic selectivity changes. Yet in combination they provide the ultimate means of enhancing analyte selectivity, while ensuring reproducible and robust methods. Accordingly, the XSelect Column family offers the unique optimization of bonded ligands embodied in the technologies of high strength silica (HSS) and charged surface hybrid (CSH).

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XSelect CSH Phenyl-Hexyl

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