Poroshell 120 HPLC Column, 150 x 3.0mm, 2.7µm, P/N: 693975-306

Up to 90% of the efficiency of sub-2 μm
2X the efficiency of 3.5 μm
Up to 50% less pressure than sub-2 μm columns
Ideal for use up to 600 bar for HPLC and UHPLC
Three bonded phases with excellent selectivity and peak shape

Agilent Poroshell 120 columns are a 2.7 μm particle with a 1.7 μm solid core and 0.5 μm porous outer layer. This small particle size provides high efficiency, similar to sub-2 μm columns, but with 40-50% less pressure. These high efficiency, high resolution columns can be used on any type of LC. The porous outer layer and solid core limit diffusion distance and improve separation speed while the narrow particle size distribution improves efficiency and resolution. The solid core limits diffusion distance and improves separation speed. The columns can support high pressure and multiple columns can be used for the highest resolution and efficiency possible. The same principles are used in Poroshell 300 columns, ideal for fast, high resolution separations of biomolecules.

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