WELCHEMAT Ultisil XB-SCX HPLC Column, 250 x 4.6mm, 3.0µm, P/N: 00212-21043

UltisilTM ion exchange columns are available for both Strong Anion Exchange (SAX) and Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) columns. The SCX/SAX columns are silica based with high resolution and high efficiency. UltisilTM SAX is a polar bonded phase, consisting of an ammonium-functionalized silane, while UltisilTM SCX is a classical strong cation exchange, consisting of a covalently bonded aromatic sulfonic acid moiety.
Organic modifiers such as acetonitrile and methanol may be used with SAX and SCX columns, within organic/buffer solubility constraints
Retention can be controlled by varying pH, ionic strength and organic modifier content
Stable pH range from 2.0 to 7.0

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HPLC Column

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Ultisil XB-SCX

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