ZORBAX Eclipse Plus HPLC Column, 30 x 4.6mm, 1.8µm, P/N: 959931-912

Excellent peak shape for basic compounds
High level of performance – peak shape, efficiency, resolution, and lifetime –with all sample types: acids, bases and neutrals
Superior reproducibility with more rigorous QA/QC testing
Improved, patented silica manufacturing with start-to-finish product control
Available in 1.8, 3.5 and 5 μm particle sizes for all analytical, high resolution, and fast LC analyses
Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse Plus columns provide the ultimate in performance for silica-based columns. Peak shape is excellent for the most challenging basic compounds, improving efficiency and resolution with these sample types. These results are achieved by improvements in the silica manufacturing and bonding technology, which is completely controlled by Agilent. Because of their high level of performance, Eclipse Plus columns are the ideal first choice for method development of all samples. If you need to achieve fast method development and superior productivity, then choose a column with high-resolution 1.8 μm particles. For standard methods, conventional 5 μm and Rapid Resolution 3.5 μm columns are your best choice. With all particle sizes, easy method transfer is possible.

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