ZORBAX SB HPLC Column, 150 x 3.0mm, 5.0µm, P/N: 883975-314

ZORBAX 80Å StableBond

Longest column lifetime and best reproducibility for low pH separations – down to pH 1
Patented stable column chemistry allows use at high temperature and low pH without degradation
Six different bonded phases provide broad selectivity – SB-C18, SB-C8, SB-CN, SB-Phenyl, SB-C3, and SB-Aq
High purity (Type B) silica for good peak shape

Agilent ZORBAX StableBond columns use patented, unique, nonfunctional silanes with bulky diisobutyl (SB-C18) or diisopropyl (SB-C8, SB-C3, SB-Phenyl, SB-CN, and SB-Aq) side chain groups that sterically protect the key siloxane bond to the silica surface from hydrolytic attack at low pH. StableBond packing materials are not endcapped in order to provide exceptional stability and to maximize lifetime and reproducibility under acidic mobile phase conditions. The high purity, low acidity silica provides excellent peak shape with acidic, basic and neutral compounds making StableBond columns an excellent choice for low pH method development. ZORBAX StableBond columns are compatible with all common mobile phases, including very high aqueous mobile phases.

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